Confessions from Comic Con: A Virgin No Longer


Wow. That was my first response upon arriving to San Diego and I’m still in awe. I’ve finally lost my San Diego Comic Con virginity and I want more! Very little sleep was had on the eve of leaving for SDCC, as well as all four nights at the convention. I was always the first one awake in the hotel room due to my antsiness to have more fun. There were hordes of people, panels that excited me, and a convention floor that seemed to never end. I was overwhelmed, but in a splendid way. When you’re around people who have such passion and energy, it becomes infectious and you can’t help but be swept up in their enthusiasm.

When I first walked into the convention hall, I instantly got chills. Visual overload occurred and I just took it all in stride, looking at all the different people and booths around me. I was home. There was always something or someone to look at, making the convention a constant experience. Seeing the old comics, like the first issue of Batman or first appearance of Superman, gave me a feeling of pride in my passion. A long history goes along with what I love, and there was a lot of history present on the hall’s floor. Time flew going from one booth to another, admiring all the goings-on.  There was no time for boredom, especially with the great panels and announcements that made up many of the highlights of the convention.

I knew there would be announcements while I was there, but I expected only comic book-related ones. I had no idea that on Saturday it would be revealed that my two favorite superheroes, Batman and Superman, would be together for the first time onscreen in a live action film. To say I was shocked is an understatement. Characters who I have loved for most of my life, especially Batman, would be fighting each other and hopefully teaming up. Maybe, just maybe, I thought the team-up of the world’s finest superheroes could lead to the holy grail of superhero movies: the Justice League teaming up on the big screen. It still hasn’t hit me and it probably won’t until I actually am in the theater watching the film.  This announcement is definitely one of the highlights of my trip.


The “Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment : Superman’s 75th Anniversary Celebration” panel made Saturday even more amazing because of the guests in attendance. The Batman/Superman movie had been announced earlier and the excitement over that was palpable. The room was packed and my boyfriend Don and I were lucky enough to get seats. It was rumored that Superman himself, Henry Cavill, would be there and he did not disappoint. Fans, especially the giddy Superman cosplayers, went wild when he came out with the rest of the panelists. This was a celebration of a character that the audience loved and the kinetic energy could be felt the entire time. It was especially exciting that Grant Morrison, my favorite writer, was in attendance and he did not disappoint. I would love to attend a panel one day with the sole focus on him. But at least I got to see one of my heroes live and in person!

The “DC Comics: My Secret Origin, or How I Broke Into Comics” panel was enlightening and entertaining. Artist Greg Capullo and writers Scott Snyder and Jimmy Palmiotti were genuinely humble and they still had that feeling of, “Wow! I’m working on comic books for a living and doing something I love!” When I see writers and artists expressing excitement over their work, I know they are putting their heart and soul into it. They’re not working, they are creating art.

During the Batman panel, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo got into great detail on why they love Batman and how much love and attention to detail they give to the main Batman title. Capullo acts like a rock star and cheerleader for his art and for Snyder’s writing, with a boisterous personality that was thrilling. Capullo can really excite a room and I got a sense from him and Jim Lee (during the “Superman Unchained” panel) that they put all of themselves for the reader into what they do. It was truly inspiring.

Writer/director Kevin Smith’s panel in Hall H was illuminating, showcasing the beauty of Comic Con so eloquently and succinctly. He said it’s an amazing thing that everyone can come together at the convention, no matter their focus of interest, whether it be comic books, movies, cosplay, manga, etc. Everyone is accepted here because we’re all the same and have a passion and a love for something close to our hearts. Before attending the panel I wished the entire SDCC was focused purely on comic books, but afterwards I gained an appreciation for the fact that everyone belongs here.

Being together with other like-minded people was the highlight of San Diego Comic-Con. Sure, I got some great books, but that’s only icing on the cake. Being with Don and our friend Max and experiencing the holy grail of cons would not have been the same without them. We shared our excitement over our passion for comic books, laughed together, and had an experience I will be able to keep with me forever. You’ll always remember your first time, as they always say. I can’t wait for more. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the gathering of villain cosplayers outside all in one area. Truly awesome and nerdgasmic!

3 Responses to “Confessions from Comic Con: A Virgin No Longer”

  1. badbunni

    I miss Comic Con! I only went there once (in 2007) and it’s gotten so huge over the years! It’s so difficult to get in these days, and I really want to meet the cast of “The Walking Dead” and possibly get in that Aaron Paul/Norman Reedus sandwich! >:)

    Love ya!


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